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Naturally cloudy NFC juices (not from concentrate)

Quality first!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of natural NFC juices.

We cooperate with manufacturers in Poland, Western Europe and the Middle East. We offer individual approach to each customer and his order.

I have valid IFS and BRC certificates for the production of juices and certificates allowing us to produce BIO (EKO) juice.

Currently the juices are manufactured under our brand or the private label of the customer. Our advantage is the possession of raw material, which makes us competitive in terms of price, without lowering the highest quality of juices (comparable to organic apples juices). All of our juices are obtained using the traditional technology of cold pressing. After squeezing, the juice is only lightly pasteurized to give it life.

In the production we do not add water, sugar, colorings, artificial vitamin C or other preservatives. All juices contain naturally occurring sugar.

We offer BAG-IN-BOX type of packaging- consisting of carton and the flexible bag with valve (tap). With such packaging, the juice has a minimum of 10-month shelf life provided that the carton is always placed vertically. Also thanks to the pressing method, after opening, it can be consumed within 14 days (provided the tap is fully covered with juice at all times, which means keeping it in the vertical position).

Suggested packaging:

  • bottle 330ml
  • bottle 750ml
  • carton 3l.
  • carton 5l.
  • carton 10l
  • big bags 600l and 1150l in the wooden boxes for further bottling
  • other according to the customer order

Suggested flavours:

  • Apple 100%
  • Pear   100% - for further bottling
  • Apple - pear
  • Apple - cherry
  • Apple - strawberry
  • Apple - raspberry
  • Apple - chokeberry
  • Apple - black currant
  • Tomato 100%

Our juices are made from sound, ripe fruits growing in the quiet and secluded valley, over which towers the Castle of the Dukes of Mazovia in Czersk. The roots of fruit growing traditions in this area date back to Queen Bona.

We invite you to cooperate with us- try our products and make sure we put quality first!

Contact regarding juices:

Katarzyna Bąk
tel. +48 691 200 350

Tomasz Werman
tel. +48 570 802 031

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